Paid in Full by Evaluation Solutions / Evalonline ! How to get paid!!!

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After 6 months I have finally been paid in full.  Thanks to all of the AR people and there help I have finally been paid what I was owed from my BPO's. 

Melissa Rivers
eValuation Solutions
12276 San Jose Blvd. Ste. 521
Jacksonville, FL  32223
P: 904-288-2004 ext. 144
F: 904-886-2510

CEO bryan guckavan 904-288-2004x 101

jamien derrence   VP 904 288-2004x 011

jamie jones OPS MANAGER 904-288-2004x 167 

Melissa Rivers ACCOUNTS PAYABLE 904-288-2004x 144

I sent an email to all of the following emails and this is how I was reimbursed.  I opted to follow instructions from a number of agents who have not been paid as I was also in the majority.  If we allow companys to have us do BPO's and not reimburse us, we are in all rights to file Mechanical Leins on the properties.  I emailed the company, all of the above emails and told them I was placing Mechanical Leins on the properties and would not release leins until reimbursement was satisfied.  They took this very serious as I had recieved phone calls as well as emails of there concern.  They said they would next day air a check and not to put the lein on.  I expressed my concern and gave them 4 business days to recieve the check in my hand and it was next day aired and delivered and I was paid in full.  I have 2 companies I am awaiting checks as well and if I do not recieve a payment from them, I will also follow the standards of practice of Mechanical Leins as well.  The BPO companies work for the Banks and if the banks get leins on there properties, the BPO companies will not recieve orders and loose there accounts, so we do have rights as agents. 

The BPO industry is huge and booming.  I have read up on so many ways they make money, and they do make money!  Instead of an appraisal, they are hiring agents at $50-$100 per BPO.  The Appraisers will charge a lot more, and that cuts into the BPO companies profit margin, as the Bank hires them and pays them a large fee for the BPO.  So when they have thousands of agents taking a BPO for $50 and given a lot more money for the BPO, they are very profitable.  So an operation of not paying is major money for the companies and if you don't follow up or loose track of how many you did, when you did them or completely forgot about them, or even thought you were paid for them, they won't pay you out.  So just a quick note, start a folder with all of your BPO"s and keep a record of when/where and also Accounts Recievable.  As agents we remain very busy with other fires to put out and a 3K check is certainly something we overlook the little ones with and its easy to get lost in the shuffle.  Keep your Accounts Payable and Recievable folder if you do BPO's.  Another agent in our office never kept track and he doesn't even know who still owes him.  Some companies will give us a link on there site of when the checks were accepted for authorization to be sent out, but if you have to look at all the BPO companies you work for and keep track, its a lot of time, so keep your new BPO Book, as well as reimbursements from other companies you may be owed, such as REO listings and the bills you paid for the utilities and make sure you stay on top of them also.  A sick world we live in by people not wanting to pay us or trying to deny us payments by thinking we will forget because I probably say 20% of us Do! 

So Just some advice from what I have learned and can pass along to everyone out there!  All comments are welcome!




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April Hayden-Munson
Brookfield, WI
Brookfield Wisconsin Real Estate

Sounds like small change to have to fight to get your money.  I also think some banks are selling thenmselves short using BPO companies.  I had a deal fall apart due to a bad BPO.  The agent hired had NEVER sold a home in the COUNTY that she was hired to do the BPO.  The bank wouldn't negotiate with the short sale buyer I had and guess what?  The owner is signing over his deed (at my advice and his attorneys advice.)  The bank will be lucky to get 80% of what the original offer was.  HMMMM.... paying $50 for a BPO instead of an appraisal sure saved them a bunch, huh?

Oct 04, 2010 04:08 AM
Dave Werth

Actually the work was easy once I sent an email out and got the phone call. 

Oct 04, 2010 04:10 AM
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Dave I do have a couple of companies I must call and remind but so far I have been paid. It is a little frustrating to spend time chasing what is owed but the final result of getting paid for my hard work is the main point.

Oct 04, 2010 04:10 AM
Dave Werth

Yep!  A quick email about a Mechanical Lein is a few minutes of work to get reimbursed.  We work way to hard for this to happen!

Oct 04, 2010 04:14 AM

Thank you for the info!

Mar 09, 2011 02:11 PM
Gina Ladick

I'm still waiting for payment from 3 BPO's I did in January.  The other companies I provide BPO work for pay within 30 days.  This is ridiculous!!! We work way too hard to have to wait 4 months to be paid for our work.  This is the 3rd time I've had a pay delay with Evalonline.  The other 2 times also took about 3-4 months to receive a paycheck.  Thank you for taking the time to post the contacts you have.  I sent an email to Melissa Rivers and cc'd Jamie Jones the Operations Mgr. but I got a return email stating the address to Jamie Jones was invalid - I checked the spelling and had it just like you spelled it in the blog.  Anyway - I'll let you know if this works!!


May 04, 2011 10:22 AM
Margaret Amador

Thanks Dave, your info is great.  I am also owed money by Evalonline.  For the last 2 months I have tried collecting and turned down further work from them.   

I think I will send a certified letter with return signature to the CEO with your copy attached asking for full payment.  Thanks - Margaret

Jun 07, 2011 12:55 PM

Kudos to you DAVE!!

Finally, a sound, sensible solution approach to remedy the transgressions of BPO companies!!

I have several hundreds if not thousand dollars of unpaid BPO assignments and this will undoubtedly help me with leverage to finally get paid.

It only makes one wonder how many individuals who perform services everyday are becoming scammed by the predatory BPO management policies.

When will they learn that you can only fool some of the people some of the time....

Apr 12, 2012 01:56 AM

Just sent the email to the persons at evalonline listed above.  Hope it works!!!!

May 03, 2012 05:02 AM
Michelle Ismaeil

I read your post, you give a lot of great tips on how to keep track of your BPO's regarding your accounts payable and accounts receivable records.  I use a yahoo e-mail account and utilize the folders.  I have created a folder of all of my BPO companies and I keep all of the accepted orders in them so I can refer to them and keep track of my orders to have as a safety precaution in case I forget or get too busy to track all of them.

I am currently dealing with trying to get paid from evalonline.  I lost track of my payments due to completing a lot of orders for several companies.  Once I notice I did not get paid from this company I had already completed 21 orders for them.  I searched all of the posts on the internet regarding other agents that are dealing with or have dealt with non payment and what the solution was for them to get paid.

I sent an e-mail to all of the addresses you listed above, stating that I would contact the following: the Attorney Generals Office, the BBB, the actual bank who hired them for the order, and I would be placing a lien on the properties.  In the letter I stated that I want my payment to be send in full, all 21 orders within 1 week and put a deadline date and if not received by this date, the following day I would contact all of the companies listed above.  Within 2 hours of that e-mail they responded by stating they were processing my check and mailing the check out to me the same day.  I am waiting now to see if they follow through with it.

Thank you for putting the information on here for agents to find to equip them with the information needed to get paid and or warn them not to sign up with this company.


Jul 08, 2012 02:45 AM
Trey Weaver
Metropolitan Real Estate - Rogers, AR

I've had the same experience with this company. Recently I discovered that they owe me nearly $2,500 in BPO payments... I sent them a note from my attorney stating that they had 10 days to pay or a Mechanics Lien would be placed on the properties listing them as the non-performer. I instantly heard from them and received a confirmation as to payment - however, they only sent a very small portion and I'm still fighting for my money; a Lien is in process.  Anyway, my questions is this (not that I really care to get work from them at this point) but did any of you ever receive any work from them again after you had to get tough with them?

Aug 06, 2012 01:07 PM
Chris Fitzgerald

I have been attempting to be paid the princely sum of $225 for 3 bpos I did for this disreputable company over a YEAR ago. A month ago, I finally got the name of one of their "team leaders" who seemed at least interested in getting me out of their hair. She said to call her in a week if I had not received a check - well, can you guess the outcome? Here is her direct line: Jeanine Lark: 904-288-2045. A very pleasant-sounding woman with a voicemail that assures the caller their call will be returned. HA!

I am now going the mechanics' lien approach. Oh, and I have instructed those morons to stop calling me with new orders almost weekly, politely at first and now with considerable disgust. And they keep calling.....unbelievable.

We ALL need to refuse work from them, and encourage anyone else doing bpos to do the same. Forcing such shady companies out of our business is the only "solution."

Aug 31, 2012 04:22 AM
Chris Fitzgerald


I just send an email to all four addresses provided above, requesting payment in lieu of filing liens, and all four addresses bounced back as undeliverable. I will send certified mail and see what happens. If anyone else has any ideas or new info, I'd love to hear it.

Chris Fitzgerald/Skyline Properties

Sep 04, 2012 10:00 AM
Chris Fitzgerald

FYI - NONE of the emails so kindly shared above are current. They ALL came back undeliverable. BUT, I did send a registered letter to the owner of the company, with standard copies of the letter to his henchmen above, with a threat, which I would have carried out, of a mechanic's lien. They did not call me, and were two days later than my demand letter gave them, but I received a Priority envelope w/the payment in full. Cashed it asap before the invisible ink disappeared. Don't do business with this company if you want to get paid without grief!

Many thanks to our compatriot above the the good advice.

Chris Fitzgerald/Skyline Properties

Sep 18, 2012 02:46 PM
Morgan Mackenzie

Hey folks,

I have been reading this blog and I sent an email last night to eval for payment because I have been with one month and I am owed $5500 already and now I am not taking any more until I get payment but here is the email that they replied with:

It can take up to 60 days to receive compensation on completed orders.


*Orders can not begin pay process until 30-45 days after being delivered to our client.

*Accounting has a cutoff during each process. That cutoff is usually 30-45 days prior to the date of processing.

*Your account can not process more than once within a 30 day period.


Orders completed up to 30 days prior to today will process and mail by end of this week.


You can email me or Melissa 30-45 days after you receive your check and we will check on pay status for you again at that time.




Lorie Carter

Administrative Assistant

Direct #904-288-2013


I emailed the people below asking about payment:

Lorie Carter []'




*** I hope this info helps someone else!***

Nov 07, 2012 10:52 PM