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Agent Bootcamp is beginning October 19th at 9:00am

Real Estate Agent with Group DiNenna/Southern Lifestyle Properties

Agent Bootcamp is here! This course will run 12 weeks, and help you improve (and master) the most important aspects of managing your real estate business. We will extensively cover website development and management, blogging, creating listing presentations, marketing online, REOs, Short Sales, and much more!

All sessions will be held on Tuesday mornings at 9:00am via Skype video conferencing.One of the biggest complaints we receive about seminars is that you learn useful information, but never have time to implement the changes…so here’s the fix. Each session will take maximum of 2.5 hours, plus up to one hour per week to complete assignments outside of class. The reason for the longer class is to allow time to actually implement what we are learning. For example, when we review websites, we will update your website during the session.

1st class is free, all others are $10. Save $20 and sign up for the entire session (total cost: $90 instead of $110).

Oct. 19th - Session #1 - Websites - Review current website 21online.com – creating a personal site MLS personal site – create personal search page Activerain.com –managing your profile That Art of Blogging Assignment: Complete time management worksheet based on your current schedule Session

#2 - Contact Organization/Time Management - Post blog Review assignment Techniques for increasing available time Implement contact organization to manage colleagues, clients, prospects, and vendors Assignment: Script memorization Session

#3 – MLS (Utilizing Tempo) - Post Blog Creating a Prospect Search CMAs Document Manager Importing contacts Script practice/Roleplaying Assignment: One page Vision Session

#4 – Marketing - Post Blog Branding yourself Niche marketing Drip campaigns (import contacts and create campaigns) Assignment: list of referring people/businesses Session

#5 – Lead Generation - Review where your business comes from – how to capitalize Going after your niche market – who, why, where Post Blog Effective lead generation tools: online, personal touch, mailings Develop Lead Generation Plan (LGP) Assignment: Script memorization – listing request Session

#6 – Listing Presentations - Post blog Incorporating your strengths Create via 21online.com Review presentations Craft short video for website Develop Power Point Script review/Roleplaying Assignment: Script memorization Session

#7 – Working with Buyers - Post Blog Body Language Common discussions Script review/Roleplaying Assignment: Memorize script Session

#8 – Prospecting - Post blog Farming techniques Develop Farming Campaign Scripts/Roleplaying Assignment: Write down Top 5 common issues found in both Buyers and Sellers Session

#9 – Overcoming Obstacles - Post Blog Review assignment Buyer obstacles and solutions Listing obstacles and solutions Pricing scripts Assignment: memorize pricing scripts Session

#10 – Marketing Session #2 - Post blog Quick review: pricing scripts Find your niche Mailer designs Branding review Assignment: Note where you need clarification or assistance Session

#11 – Open Session -  Post Blog Review assignments Open Session Assignment: Review “One Year Goals and Vision” and Niche; consider specific goals for coming year Session

#12 – Bringing it all together - Post Blog Implementing the overall plan Set 2011 Goals Close