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            QR code for a website     For those of you that do not quite know what this is, its time to get up to speed. This is the newest thing since bar codes. It is called a QR code and you can get a QR reader free for your SMS phone and you can get a free QR code generator for your computer. For those of you that do have a QR code reader, check out what this site is. What does this mean to the Real Estate industry?  I am www.AlamoAreaVirtualTours.com and I use these on sign hangers for my clients so that when the y-generation is driving by a house, they can simply scan the code in and instantly see a virtual tour of the property. WOW, 24/7 and all the info is there, including the listing agent. Need to fill in those flyer boxes anymore? Well, not as much anyway. The baby boomers may not be up to speed yet on the SMS phones. You do need a phone that will allow flash player. If you have an Iphone like I do (and Apple refuses to allow flash) then download 'Cloud Browse' free from your Apple apps store. It provides a virtual flash player interface.

Alamo Area Virtual Tours has full screen HD quality virtual tours as well as full screen HD quality slide shows. Click on the site, check out the featured tours and give us a call.  Prices are more than competitive and we're so sure you'll be pleased with your first tour that we guarantee money back if not.

For those out of the San Antonio area, we can also do a 'remote' slide show. You send us up to 30 high quality digital shots and we'll assemble them and make a 'HD full screen slide show' for $30. This will include a stand alone URL that you will link to your MLS and/or your website, with no ongoing cost for up to two years.