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Some folks enjoy the city, some of us enjoy the country life....  To each his own.

Leading west out of Saline, is a rural road running for almost just 8 miles.  Saline Waterworks Road has typical suburban life in the Northview Subdivision and Breconshire Subdivisions.  Two churches are also nearby towards the east end.  It starts off for about half a mile as a paved road, then turns to "gravel" or "unimproved", pick your term.   (Click here for a VisualTour.) Farms!

As the road leaves the city of Saline, it then becomes Lodi Township, but with a Saline mailing address.  Some folks are squeamish about living "on a dirt road".  Well, it comes with pros and cons.  Fortunately, the road is graded quarterly, removing most potholes, puddles, or most other imperfections.  Of the few benefits, unimproved roads are limited to a 50 MPH speed limit, which can be a good thing if you don't want traffic rushing by your house, and can make it somewhat safer for bicycling, walking, or other pedestrial pursuits.  Of the "cons", you mostly have to deal with driving a dirty car a lot of the time (not a big deal to some folks), and that snow removal priority is less than that of the local paved roads.  (In other words, they get to plowing the gravel roads at a lower priority than the main roads and the rural paved roads.)  But how often is that a problem?  Just maybe a couple of times a year.

One other strange "benefit", so to speak, is that if you happen to own a "neighborhood electric vehicle" or NEV, for short, they are totally legal on gravel roads, due to no "posted" speed limit signs.  Otherwise, NEV's are limited on paved roads in Michigan to those with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less.  Amazingly, on Saline Waterworks Road, the entire road as legal for NEV's up until last year (2009) when they raised the speed limit from 35 to 40 MPH on the paved section.  But you can still drive into Saline in a NEV, provided that you literally drive through a church parking lot, cross back over S-WW road, and into the Northview subdivision.  But that's another story.

As you continue west out of Saline, most homes are located right on the highway or further back in on a long driveway.  There are a few subdivisions located further west, one of which is located in Sunset Court (on the south side of the road) west of Dell Road.

Moving further west, the homes are interspersed with farms, the further west you go, the more farms you drive by.  One of the first few farms you pass by is Cornerstone Farms South, a facility for horses.  But also, the road narrows as well, as there is a one-lane bridge towards the west end.  But along the way, you can see fields, small forests, and maybe even some cows...

However, one farm in particular (see enclosed photo above) happens to be a shooting location for a major motion picture.  The farm at 9980 Waterworks Road was used for part of the filming of the upcoming movie Scream 4.  Who knew?

Saline Waterworks Road ends at Schneider Road at its west end, the last two miles are within Bridgewater Township, with a Manchester mailing address (and Manchester schools).

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