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203k Consultant San Pablo CA

Not every home is a 203k prospect

I remember one in San Pablo CA years ago that was extremely small, had no foundation, and the ceiling height was about seven feet high, it was a cute little bungalow but nothing was to code, any code. This home didn't have much to work with. The  203k loan program can be used to install a foundation on an existing home that doesn't have one, or build a home on an existing foundation that may be left over from a fire as an example. I have passed one in Vallejo for many years that the foundation just sits there with no house on it... perfect for a 203k in my opinion. I remember in Alhambra Valley Martinez area there was a foundation off the side of the road for many years were it appeared a person tried to build a home without permits or possibly ran out of money. I stopped one day to look at it to see if I could figure out the floor plan from the foundation and sub floor and it was pretty small, I felt it may have been intended to be a two story home. In any case it is Perfect for a 203k provided the county inspection department could permit the existing foundation... NOT. That was a "I gotcha" this home has never had a CO on it therefore doesn't meet the requirements of the 203k loan program. The guideline indicates the structure must have had a CO (certificate of occupancy) issued prior to 12 months ago in order to qualify for the program. If you find that there is one then you have a project. I watched that foundation go up in Alhambra Valley and it was never finished so it was not a candidate. The good news is that the last time I went by it was a house... yea!

Most everywhere in CA as I understand it and have verified in many localities the building permit process was designed and initiated about 1952. There are many homes built prior to that date that were "grandfathered" into existence and didn't require a permit for work done prior to 1952. I had a call yesterday from a person on the coast in CA where the local jurisdiction said the home she wants to purchase has never had a CO on it. Wow. I wonder if it has been vacant so long that they now want to collect some fees and be sure it is safe or if it is currently or recently occupied, would it fall into the category of being "grandfathered". In any case it is certainly worth asking the question at the planning department. This little tid bit of info may help you out when you find there is an unpermitted addition in an old house, try to assess the date of that addition. If prior to 1952 you may have some glimmer of hope.

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