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Two Ways Women Can Make More Money -- Wear Skirts and Make-up

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Two Ways Women Can Make More Money -- Wear Skirts and Make-up

Okay, I'm sure right off the bat I hit a nerve with someone because when my "MaryKay Lady" said that to me...lets just say it hit more than just one nerve!!  I said a few well chosen words in my head and then I went a googling...because that's what people do to get answers, right?!  Apparently there have been a few studies done on this topic!!  This some of what I've found...

November 29, 2007 issue of THE TIMES:  

It is a fact that women who wear make-up in business generally get better jobs, get promoted more quickly and get paid more. Whether we like it or not, we live in a very visual world and we get judged on appearances.  In fact, in a survey, 64 per cent of directors said that women who wore make-up look more professional and 18 per cent of directors said that women who do not wear make-up “look like they can’t be bothered to make an effort”. 

Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers

“Research shows that about 55% of your credibility comes from how you look,” writes Frankel in Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers. “How you sound accounts for an additional 38%. Only 7% of your credibility is based on what you say.”

Wear the appropriate amount of makeup. “I once asked the boss of a woman scientist for feedback about what she could do to overcome existing barriers to promotion,” writes Frankel in Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office. “He explained for her staff.” When Frankel pressed him - he looked like he had something else to say - he sheepishly said, “Maybe she could start wearing makeup.”

Remember that short hair looks more professional. Knowing what to wear to work includes choosing a hairstyle that complements your image. “Typically, your hair should get increasingly shorter as you get older and go higher on the corporate ladder,” writes Frankel. “Not only is shorter hair more professional, but longer hair tends to emphasize facial features of which we may be less proud as we age.”

msnbc.com:  For female candidates to win, being pretty helps

WASHINGTON — Women running for top offices need to appear competent and attractive, according to a new study. For male candidates, seeming competent may be enough.

It's a finding that could help justify heavy spending on makeup and wardrobe for Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, while at the same time raising questions about the need for a man like John Edwards to invest in a costly haircut.

"What we found was quite startling," said Joan Y. Chiao of Northwestern University's psychology department.

Back to my Blog:  If you're still reading...you're probably as intrigued as I was and maybe even a bit startled as well!!  What did I do after my googleing?  Thank you for asking!  After saying a completely different set of choice words in my head, I called back that "MaryKay Lady" and had a very long conversation, that ended with me signing on the dotted line.  That's right...I am now a Realtor and a MaryKay lady helping women make more money!!  If I could help women be more successful and make more money, like she did for me, while working as a Realtor why not!!  I realized, like it or not, good or bad, right or wrong, we live in a visual world!  If I'm willing to go above and beyond for clients, work till all hours of the day and night but not wear a skirt to be more successful...silly!  So today and probably tomorrow, I will happily wear a skirt (with the appropriate amount of make up) to meet with clients. 

I'm curious, What are you going to do?


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I guess it's time to go buy some skirts...are dresses okay?  And do we have to wear hose, too?

Oct 07, 2010 05:57 AM
Carri Pecorella
Welcome Home Realty - Surprise, AZ

I think dresses count ;)  Love your photo too!!  And...I sure hope not I found nothing of pantyhose!! :O)

Oct 07, 2010 06:04 AM
Trish Sarfert
Coldwell Banker Realty - Pensacola, FL
Serving military & civilian relocations!

I rarely wear makeup, and only on rare occasions do I break out the stockings.  I figure what I save by not spending money on these things (that I don't like to wear) will probably make up for any loss of future income.  I just gotta be me...it ain't fair, but it is what it is.

Oct 07, 2010 06:25 AM
Carri Pecorella
Welcome Home Realty - Surprise, AZ

Trish...I like your attitude!!  above all...you gotta be YOU or you'll lose EVERYtime!!  have a great weekend!!

Oct 08, 2010 06:56 AM
Valerie Hull

I was that girl that joined Mary Kay and refused to be told what to wear & how to look.  I was a huge tomboy & RN.  I wasn't a slob, I did wear eyeliner, mascara and VERY nice clothes, but never anything more...especially a skirt.  I did OK in my new chosen career, but felt like I was always looking for new people to talk to.  When I "gave in" and started wearing make up and a skirt my business EXPLODED!!  Women (and men) would approach me and ask me what I did.  Now people are looking for me!!  And best of all my "yes" percentage went from 30% to 80% and my average sales went from $25/hr to $60/hr.

To Trish, I understand where your at, but the amount of confidence gained when you know you look good will attract people to you and come across to your clients in a comforting way.  Don't ever change being you, just be the best you you can.

To Wende, if you have awesome tan legs not as important to wear nylons, but unfortunatlely nylons ARE part of the image & make you look so much more professional.

For those of you that think Im crazy, I challenge you to start observing others in your daily life.  You'll see exactly what Im talking about.

Love & Respect to you all.

Feb 25, 2011 04:54 AM