Reclaim Money From Overpaid Utilities

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Recently Moved? Check your former gas and electric accounts for overpayment. Once the meter is read and the final bill is processed, there is occasionally a refund due.

How do you get a refund? If you have your account set up to manage online, simply log in to your old account and check the balance. If you have not set up the account to manage online you still can. Go to the website of your former utility company and look for the link for new users. Make sure to have a statement that shows your former account number. You will need it to register and log in. Keep in mind that account numbers change when you disconnect service. Even if you have the same company at your new home your account number will most likely be different and a credit will not transfer. If you determine that you are due an amount call or email the company's customer service department to request a refund.

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