The 'New Normal' - Sure You Betcha

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Anna "Banana" Krtuchen has it right. "It is our job to feel good." It is our job to find the positives. If we don't, we enable "driving down the market" and that is not something we should be a part of. If we don't, we drive ourselves down as well. I, for one, am trying this method - feeling lousy is not for me.

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The New Normal - Sure You Betcha

Today at a very inspiring and uplifting monthly business meeting a national speaker (of whom will remain nameless at this point) said something quite provocative to us....

"The New Normal is full of baloney.  Everything is New and Nothing is Normal."  And you know, from my feelings to your feelings to the general consensus 'out there' he's right on the money. Just about everybody at this meeting was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and not sure if continuing to keep on trying was the right thing to do.

Everything is New. And Nothing is Normal. From a gazillion foreclosures, to stacks of short sales, to working with clients trying our best to maneuver them through bank landmines, to making ends meet, to cheering the team on day after day, to make the 'best' out of challenging times.....need I go on?  Folks these are not fun times for most of us. Nothing looks like we thought it would and most likely won't ever again.

But and this is a BIG's how we deal with these challenges that makes us stronger, wiser and more adaptable to change (or not).  Do you agree?  Do you see yourself in this picture?  I sure do.

A gal at the meeting asked me, "So Banana, what are you doing differently that somehow keeps you optimistic and feeling good?" This is it folks and I'm sorry if it disappoints you cause it's not rocket science - nope it's just plain and simple.

You ready?  I mean are you ready - really?

My job is to feel good.  That is it.  When I feel good the day goes better, solutions come easier, people work well together - it all just works better.  And yes I can hear some of you say - you're so full of cra*! Oh well maybe I am but I feel good and that works for me. 

Seriously, I have made feeling good a daily practice.  Upon waking I pick up an inspiring book and read while having my morning coffee and I journal as I read. If there is an issue that's troubling me I ask for an answer then expect it to come....and it does.  Sometimes it's a matter of simply journaling about all that I'm so grateful for in my life, sometimes it's finding just the right inspiring message to take me 'off me' and seeing a bigger picture or meaning to life and sometimes it's just being quiet and still.

That is it....Plain and simple my job is to get happy and feeling good anyway that works for me

I have a feeling this message will find the right folks who want to hear this, need to hear this and/or are looking for the secret stash of feeling good juice.  Do whatever you need to do - day in and day out to feel good, to find something to feel good about and with practice feeling good will come easier and easier.

What do you have to loose by trying this method - well - besides feeling lousy? 

Your job is to simply feel good.


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Brian & Val Mayer
RE/Max One | Sellers Agent - Huntingtown, MD
Listing Specialist | Realtor in Calvert County MD

Susan~ Thank you! This is what its all about! I too, have been applying the daily renewing of the mind strategy in practice.

Oct 26, 2010 04:18 AM