What are CC and R's?

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What are CC and R’s and Bylaws?         

Covenants, conditions and restrictions, or more commonly referred to as CC and R’s, along with Bylaws are the rules and regulations of a community. 

How do CC & R’s and Bylaws affect me and my home? 

It’s important to understand and know that CC and R’s and Bylaws may be written in a manner which restrict not only your homes use, but also may restrict the owner’s lifestyle.  For example, they may dictate hours in which you can entertain and host parties or limit the size and quantity of pets you own.

When purchasing a home, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly examine and understand the Covenants, conditions, restrictions and Bylaws of your community.  You will be required to sign a form stating that you have read and understand these forms.

I will cover which types of homes/properties are subject to CC and R’s and Bylaws in an upcoming post.  It’s important to note not all homes will be governed by CC and R’s and Bylaws.

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