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A Look at Foreclosures in Olathe and Lenexa Kansas

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Is it true that the government is going to step in and stop all foreclosures until they can get a handle on things?  Yes, it's probably going to happen.  As reported in the NY times, Band of America is now stopping all foreclosure sales in all 50 states.   According to Bank of America, they need to do a thorough review and assessment of their foreclosure process regarding paperwork, to make sure there aren't any legal ramifications later.


real estate market trendsIf this happens, will it change the real estate market?  Yes, of course it will.  Foreclosures will go away for a while. Then, we will likely see a demand for inventory of real estate.  This may be a great time for builders to get back in the game.  That is, if builders can get a bank to talk to them.  

We shall see what happens.  A Fox News Contributer suggested if all foreclosures are stopped, it will cripple an already very unstable real estate market; puttting title companies out of business, real estate agents, and even hurt residential mortgage lending.  Another question to ponder, is --Are dead-beats who take advantage of systems going to say -- yippee...I can just stay in my house for a whole year for free, make no payments, and I can keep my home--HELLO FREE RIDE!


Could this be good for sellers?  I think so...

SELLERS - your market may be coming back. Spring may be a great time to get your house on the market.  Call us or email us Find out more about our marketing packages and commission rates. 

For Now, more foreclosures are coming on the market and Olathe and Lenexa foreclosures have picked up.

For an entire list of Johnson County Foreclosures, See Below....

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