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How you can gain major SEO LOVE simply in a name.

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I see some great agents who have wonderful sites that are ranked well, however they might have an easier time of it if they would not have named their website www.myname.com. Yes we want to brand our names to our business however Google is a robot that does not know www.sallyisbest.com has anything to do with her market.  Your URL should have your search terms in the name if at all possible yet this may be far to late for some markets.  My website is named www.galveston4sale.com and I have remained on first page Google for many years 9since 2004( YET in hindsight I would have named my website quite simply galvestonrealestate and my SEO LOVE would have wrapped its arms around my business in ways that did not include me creating a huge presence online.

Some of you may disagree but my marketing concentrates on my city. My pictures on sites like Twitter and blogs are of Galveston for my profile.  My Twitter profile name is GalvestonTexas.


Food for thought. Opinions welcome.


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