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i have now been actively blogging for a year and am still nearly entirely baffled by the 'rules' of SEO. Patience is a virtue, of which I have very little, but I am continually told that 'slow and steady wins the race' from everything to blogging for business, to prospecting, to general biz development. The trick is consistency, rich content, and relevant titles and keywords. Thanks to Victoria Stankard for the great tips below.

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Original content by Victoria Stankard

Most people blog because they love to write and are passionate about a particular topic and want to share their message with as many people as possible. 

The best way to reach as many people as possible is with sound SEO blogging practices for better search engine placement.

Even though SEO is not rocket science, a lot of people are confused about it, probably because so many SEO companies on the Internet use a lot of "SEObuzzwords" and "technical jargon" to impress readers with their"SEO Expertise."

To be honest, I've never quite understood who these self-proclaimed "SEO Gurus" think they are writing for because unless you already are an SEO expert, most of what they have to say is far too technical for regular folks to understand (which is the point) or they offer bad SEO advice that really doesn't help your search engine placement.

Boys and girls, please allow me to set the record straight.  SEO is not rocket science and if you want to become a better blogger, achieve top, organic search engine placement and broaden your reader base, all you really need are a few basic SEO WordPress blog writing tips under your belt.

Here are five SEO blogging tips to get you started:

1).  The way you title your blog post is important.  Avoid using cutesy, overly creative post titles. It's best to save your wit and creative flair for the "meat and potatoes" of your actual SEO WordPress blog post. Post titles should be straight forward so that people and search engines know exactly what your post is about.  

For example, if you are writing an article about promoting your business/website through SEO article marketing, a blog title like "How to Toot Your Own Horn like a Pro" wouldn't exactly tell people or the search engines what your post is about.

"How to Toot Your Own Horn like a Pro" would make a much better sub-title or tag line within the body of your post.  Concise blog post titles might seem boring but they do give you better search engine placement and more views.

2).  Don't be afraid to give previously published blog posts a "face lift" with fresh content.  As a prolific SEO WordPress content writer, I often go back into published posts and update them with fresh content and new information.

This is especially important when you are writing about cutting-edge industries like technology, SEO, real estate market news, finance, etc., where yesterday's news is old hat.  And, if you're like most people, you are constantly learning more about the topics you write about.  

Don't be afraid to go back in and add fresh information or remove dated or obsolete information from an older post.  You can even change post dates and resend your updated version back out via your RSS feed so it can be crawled again by the search engines. 

To be quite honest, some of my most viewed and commented upon posts actually started out fairly weak and got meatier over time because I constantly updated them with fresh information and new ideas.

 3).  Add optimized images to your posts.  I come across a lot of bloggers who don't like to use images in their posts.  They either can't be bothered or they equate images with "content fluff" and feel they are a waste of time.  When it comes to images, I'm in the exact opposite camp.

Images give a blog post visual appeal and help break up blocks of content, which happens to be an instant turn off for most site visitors.  Images also give you more opportunity for SEO, if you take the time to optimize them correctly. 

Although search engines can't read images, they can read image titles.  Therefore, you want to incorporate the search terms you are going after in your post in the title your images.  I highly recommend the use of optimized images

4).  Post length really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.  If you have a lot of ground to cover on a particular topic, go ahead and blog to your heart's content.  What you don't want to do, however, is repeat yourself in a million different ways - ad nauseum, for the sake of key word stuffing - Yawn, yuck, boring! 

If what you have to say is short, sweet (or maybe not) and to the point, so be it.  There really are no hard and fast rules to blog post length.  That being said, broader topics can often be broken down into bite-size chucks rather than trying to say it all in one mouthful.  

From a usability standpoint, you don't want to overwhelm your site visitors with two much information to digest at one time.  From an SEO standpoint, multiple posts on one topic can be interlinked and spread out over time, which is actually better for SEO

The more posts you publish on a particular topic, the more authority and placement you'll get for it.  When writing a series of posts, it's important that you give each post a unique title so they are not seen as "duplicate" and ignored in the SERPs.

5).  Never change Permalinks even if they are not SEO perfect.  A permalink is the permanent URL you assign to an individual a blog post, page, category, etc. You can change the title of your posts and add or remove content, but you never want to change the permalink of a published post.

Permalinks are how other websites link to your posts, how you send links from your posts to other websites and how you create deep link navigation within your own website via intra-linking posts and pages. 

If you alter the original permalink structure of a post, all links to and from that post will be broken AND all links to that post within your own website will be broken.  The post will also show up in the index as an "ERROR," none of which are very good for your search engine placement

Please, allow me to repeat myself here - Don't mess with the permalink structure on posts that have already been published - This one I had learn the hard way!

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