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Child care, one of the most critical components in a Parent/Realtor's career! Plus something that may help you.

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From Anna Matsunaga, www.teammomentumrealestate.com  Keller Williams Tacoma 253 353 2662

One of the most important things any Realtor who is a parent of young children is child care.  The beauty of our jobs is that they are flexible, so we can make those important events and be there for our families.  However few of us can do a good job of running a home, running a business, being a parent, being a spouse, cooking, running errands and more with out some help.....for this support I have in part chosen to leverage with the help of a nanny who comes to my home.

I would love to hear from others how they leverage this part of their lives, what they get support for and what they do themselves and so on.

For those of you who want to hire a nanny for help I am also sharing the application I use.  Perhaps it will be helpful to you.  The questions are pointed and YES I ask for and get 10 references....I find this most important!








Social Security number

How long have you lived at this address?


Why are you applying to be a mother's helper?



What do you like best about working with children?



What do you like least?




Do you have dependable transportation? If so what?



Have you done child care, tutoring or housekeeping in the past? Please detail.




How long would you like this position to last ideally?



What hours are you available?


Will you be brining other children with you?  If so ages and names please and is there anything we should know about them?




What reason do you feel this job would be a good fit for both you and me?



On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the strongest) please rate yourself in the following areas.

Dependability      Patience     Energy     Communications     Following directions    Firmness

Flexibility      Teaching skills    Playing    Cooking     Cleaning    Child Development 

Happiness     Stress management   



The pay for this position is $400 plus meals a month for parts of 4 days a week.  What in your life makes it so this can work for you long term?



Besides pay what do you want to get out of this job and what do you feel it will offer you?



Please list 10 references work and personal are ok.  Please list name, how you know them, their phone and if you have them email addresses.

Also what will I expect to hear about you from them?


























If this is helpful to you, you may just copy and paste into your own document and edit at will!


-Anna Matsunaga, Keller Williams Tacoma, www.teammomentumrealestate.com 253 353 266

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