Mission Trip to Jamaica

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I attend an incredible church that is Mission oriented. This year alone, there have been over 24 mission trips to various locations throughout the world and the U.S.A. I just returned from a week of serving in Kingston, Jamaica.  When you think of Jamaica, most people think of beaches and beauty. Well believe me, that is not what I saw.

There is a group called "The Missionaries of the Poor". They are a Catholic organization that takes care of children, orphaned, mentally and physically handicapped, Men and Women with aids, women who were severely abused and neglected and others.

I need to tell you that I am not a Catholic. My church is a non-denominational Pentacostal,  mission church.  This trip was planned by one of the members of our church who is Jamaican. She has been to the childrens home, that is located in Kingston, Jamaica and her heart is to be of service to this ministry.  A group of us joined her and I must say that it was one of the hardest things that I have ever experienced. It was heart wrenching but it opened my eyes to how wonderful the young Brothers of this organization are. They dedicate their entire life to this ministry with no complaints, with joy and love in their hearts and with so much appreciation that we even came to help them for a time.

If the Missionaries of the Poor did not do what they do, these children, women and men would not survive. The children are cared for, as much as they can care for them with the  disabilities they have, by feeding them, clothing them and caring for them.  No medicine is available. Only 1 towel to dry 65 children, wheelchairs that are plastic garden chairs on wheels, minimal food and no toys.  All of the children are in diapers so they have to be washed several times throughout the day, which consists of them being picked up, undressed, washed, dried, redressed, etc. The amount of physical work it takes 24/7 is unbelievable. Feeding them is a feat in itself. Most cannot eat solid food so the food has to be pureed to put into a bottle.  One meal a day is given, not only because of lack of money but lack of help to feed all of these children.

I come home, after a week of working extremely hard, crying alot and praying for them constantly. Leaving the comfort of my home, missing my grandbabies and thanking God for what he has given me.

Any donations, money, mops, brooms, new t-shirts, towels, etc., are needed more than you will ever know. We purchased as many towels as we could while we were still there but so much is needed.

God has sent us all to serve others in need. Joining together in the Love of God does make a difference. I gave one teeny tiny week of my life. These Brothers give their all,  every day.

Please look up the great organization, via the web, and see for yourself the difference that they make. We are planning our trip again for next year!

Ted Tyrrell
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Enjoyed your "missions" story about Kingston. Montego Bay is the gorgeous beach area. Kingston, as you say, is totally different. Last Missions trip for me was a month in Caracas, Venezuela. Weather was beautiful; vegetation is beautiful; but living conditions no so beautiful. One night there was a severe rainfall. We heard that 2 people had died because of mudslides in the barrios. 

Keep up the good work!


Oct 10, 2010 01:25 PM
Gayle Rogers

Since we left there have been mudslides and an earthquake in Kingston. One of our ladies stayed to visit family and said that there has been a lot of devastation. Thank you for your kind comments Ted.

Oct 11, 2010 02:03 AM