In Los Angeles, The Age of The Stager Has Dawned

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Have you been selling real estate for a while OR is this your latest but not first home you've put on the market?  The world changed while you were busy figuring out how to google information on your next vacation.  Did you know that in 2010, 95% of home BUYERS look at homes they may be interested in FIRST on the internet?  I'm not sure you realize how important that little factoid is, so let me relate a personal story...

My family and I live in a house we bought in 2004.  The ONLY way we could see the inside of houses in neighborhoods we wanted back then was to A) get a babysitter, ruin a whole day of our weekend, traipse around in Southern California heat, attend Sunday Open Houses and TRY, TRY, TRY to see past their ugly stuff cuz we had gone to so much trouble; or B) go on a road show with our realtor (we still had to repeat steps 1-3 and 5 in alt A).

Today, the average home buyer looks at 75+ homes ON THE INTERNET before agreeing to see their favorites in person.  That means the photos on the internet had better make your home seem like it's worth seeing in person.  If not, all they have to do is click "NEXT".  No multiple inconvenient steps...just a click and your home or listing is as forgotten as that awful lunch you had last week (burp.)

What's worse is that your competitors have started to catch on--they have great photos and lots of them ( I probably staged some of them myself).  That means your listing looks even worse by comparison.  OK, you say, I'll show a (single) picture of the front, back or view from the house.  Nobody will notice, will they?  The answer:  how could they NOT notice!  There has to be something wrong and you're trying it hide it.  If it looked great you'd show it off--right?

The Age of the Stager Has Dawned-- next up:  Why staging is so much more than decluttering.

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