We All Have A Digital Life - Let's Capitalize On The Changing Times

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Capatilize on the Digital Age That's Upon Us

We all know that we have a digital life. Who here does not:

  • Take pictures or videos with their cell phones?
  • Download music?
  • Has a digital camera?
  • Sends emails?
  • Uses a PDA?
  • Surfs the web?

Do you remember when the cell phones use to look like this?


If I told you that this same phone would become AFFORDABLE to the masses, and would be able to basically replace your: camera, walkman (we did not have ipods back then), address book/rolodex & your video camera, would you have believed me? Better yet, would you have invested money into my company?

 Are you a visionary?  What is you had an opporunity in 1978 to invest in Microsoft..

A look back at Microsoft History

We all know that technology has completely changed our lives & the way we communicate.

Our Cell phones now are as small as a credit cards and their capabilities have reached far beyond the imagination.

 iphone   Bluetooth technology, we look like we are in the Jetson's era!

How about the power of television, videos & movies at the palm of your hand, as our DIGITAL WORLD expands, are technology keeps getting more portable, user friendly and cutting edge.

The funny thing about the pyridine shift in our digital usage, is we do not even know that it is happening. Did you know that the rating on TV has gone down, because the rating on the internet have gone up? The hunger for more knowledge by the people has grown significantly. No longer do we wait and watch pre-digested news and shows that are regulated by sponsors, instead we log on to the computer and watch news from individuals like you and me, and see what is really going on in the world.. For The People - By The People!

Consumers today are more knowledgeable about what they want and what is available to them. Thanks to the internet, consumers are doing their own research and are less likely to rely on traditional media for information. For example, when my husband bought his truck, I went on line, found a site and input my query (exactly what I was looking for), the site submitted my information to several local dealers and they would contact me. Now, some of the dealerships had some of the options we were looking for, however, because of the power of the internet, I knew there were 2 more vehicles available with all our options for the same price. Who do you think got the sale? Was I prepared? YES! Did I rely solely on the car salesman? NO!

Today, what if I said I am sharing with you something that is BEYOND your wildest dreams. I have technology that is ahead of its time, ahead of any competition and is already globally available. Do would you try it out, would you believe it (kind of like the original cell phone)?

I currently use products (as a Realtor, as a Mother as a Consumer), and just like the cell phone, it has changed my life.

What exactly am I offering? Let me break it down for you.

  • broadcast live (archived, pre-recorded, pay-per-view, with interactive slides, polling capabilities, multi location guest speaker ability, chat enabled, custom banners that are completely linkable to your specifications, view number of viewers, and can be posted on an established internet channel station) video email (record, pull video stream in video clip, custom banners that are linkable to your specifications, receive notification when viewed, complete interactive calendar that can be shared or kept private, and so many more custom features)
  • video im (cut travel expenses, talk 1 on 1) video conferencing (talk up to 4 additional people at any given time)
  • video chat (enter chat room and network with other "like minded" individuals from all over the world)
  • video blog (realtors-showcase your homes, inventory, expertise, etc and share them with the world)
  • pod cast (create & maintain a daily, weekly or monthly show. Discuss interest rates, first time buyers and other relative market information and allow your existing and new customers to subscribe to your blog (rss feed) and allow them to automatically receive any new shows you create).
  • media storage (you can chose to share or keep private. upload all your existing photos, videos, music, files, important docs, etc and never worry about your hard drive crashing and loosing invaluable information.
  • online social networking (between the chat rooms, blogs, profile page (which is equivalent to a "my space") search page and hellotv (an on line network channel of uploaded videos and live broadcasting), you choose what your interests are and find people all over the globe who share the same interests as you. Or better yet, be your own director, producer, writer & star and share your content with the world)

My last question to you is, how much is this worth? Our direct competitor charge hundreds to thousands of dollars, not just in set up fees but monthly subscription cost, and they only get a portion of what we have. What if I told you we offer these services starting at $9.95/mo, no contracts, no set up fees, no hidden charges. Better yet, what if I said we are offering you the ability to capitalize on the growth of the company, by helping us get the word out on this cutting edge technology?

Today, approximately $2 Billion a year is being spent on streaming media subscriptions & services. This number is projected to grow to approx. $12 billion over the next few years, according to industry analysts. Affiliates of our company are suppliers of highly sought-after products. Why? Because we have simplified the process. We have put together streaming video, live or recorded, over the internet, into one easy-to-use, high-quality, cost-effective solution. But we offer much more than that. We have combined three of the today's hottest Wall Street trends - streaming video, social networking and a multi-tiered affiliate program - into one powerful business opportunity for you.

So the question is, do you want to use this cutting edge technology for just $9.95/mo or become an afilate and capatilize on the growth of this soon to be household name. 

For more information goto: www.esgtech.info


Comments (3)

Adam Brett
The Adam and Eric Group - Fullerton, CA
The Adam and Eric Group, Fullerton's Finest
My question is if the backbone is there yet to handle video im and highly intensive broadband applications.
Aug 31, 2007 09:20 AM
Boy you VMDirect people are the most aggressive bunch!  A couple got crucified on "Who Killed the Video Tour" last week.
Sep 01, 2007 01:14 AM
Edy Garcia
Exit Realty - Jupiter, FL

Agressive, no.  EXCITED?  YES.  I went to your website "Who Killed The Video Tour" and I feel it further substantiates what we say.  Your typical high dollar advertisment is soon a thing of the passed.  I just left a meeting with a Realtor, who needs to showcase her new listing like never seen before and has decided to try our products and services.  The funny thing was not trying to convince her on how wonderful these tools will be in promoting her home (as she saw the endless possibilities), my hurtle was trying to convince her that it was only $9.95/mo as she kept looking for the loop hole where it would cost you more money.

I encourage you to contact me directly, and allow me to demonstrate a virtual tour, live broadcast and our other suite of products.  Under no circumstances are we telling you to throw away your digital life, we just want to help you organize your digital assets and enhance your digital communication.

 Hope to talk to you soon

(561) 253-5690

Sep 01, 2007 04:21 AM