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I consider real estate growth much like childhood to adult growth.  We all start small not knowing what to expect, but we have good parents (hopefully) who show us and teach us the things we don't know.  As we get older we mature (hopefully,  again) and start making our own decisions because we know more about what we want, but we still need guidance and assistance with the things we don't know.

Let's look at this: as a youngster, especially these days, you decide to buy your first home.  You have no idea what to expect and most often what you want.  So many times I work with first time buyers who are very adamant about particular things they MUST have and in the end it really isn't what they wanted at all.  They hire a Realtor, as they should, to show them and educate them to the how a real estate transaction happens.  It's not always pretty just as life is, but these are the life lessons to be learned.  You grow in the home you first purchased and then life changes and you grow out of that home and so you sell that home and buy yet another home, probably to accommodate more people.  Being the smart cookie you are you call your reliable and trustworthy Realtor to handle the transaction for you again, because even though you have grown and learned many things, you haven't studied the market quite like your Realtor has.  By the time you've reached your "golden years" you truly know what you want.  You know how things are to be done, where they should be, and exactly when you want to do it.  You've grown out  of that big house and its time to downsize.  Again you call your Realtor because next to you, your Realtor knows your home better than anyone.  By this time they know what you like and want to.  It has been the Realtor's job for their working life to stay on top of the market and technology so that they can better serve you and your needs.  Your Realtor is like a parent that educates you, checks in on you, and will be there when you need them.

It's like chosing the best coach or quarterback for your team.  You want someone who knows what they're doing, can teach you, help you learn from your mistakes, and stands firm when you need them to.  They always look out for you and will try to keep you protected at all times so you can achieve your ultimate goal.  They see things before you that sometimes you never even saw coming.  There can be no team with out them.  They are crucial to your success.  Well, guess what?  So is your Realtor.  You should never take the field or get in the game with out them.

For your best  HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE get in touch with me.  I can help guide, serve, and protect you no matter your age or what you needs be.  I truly love "parenting" buyers and sellers in the real estate market.  I am open to answering questions or just giving you my best opinion.  If you just want to talk sports, I am more than happy to do that.  I know almost as much about sports as I do real estate- believe me, we could talk for days.  I look forward to coaching you in the near future.

Rachel McLendon Behme

Rachel McLendon Behme
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