Why Should We Fly the Low Cost Airlines based in Richmond, Va?

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Yesterday I went to my first breakfast meeting of Henrico Business Leaders. The speaker was Jon Mathiason whose topic was "The Urgency of the Airport Traffic and its Impact on the Economic Growth of Henrico County and its Neighbors".

I moved to Richmond 27 years ago when RIC (Richmond  International Airport) was considered one of the most expensive airports to fly out of in the nation. Most of my neighbors would drive to Washington DC or other airports to get much cheaper flights. It was worth the time, drive, and effort for the savings in dollars. Flights were expensive because we did not have any low cost carriers offering flights from RIC.

Today we are fortunate to have Jet Blue, Air Tran, and Southwestern as alternative Low cost carriers (LCC) flying out of Richmond. They have brought air travel pricing down, and has helped increase the traffic into RIC. It has also helped bring corporations, conventions, reunions, and tourism to our area. With a great airport offering inexpensive flights we are a city with a future.

So what is the urgency that Mr. Mathiason was talking about? We have recently lost a flight to New York with Jet Blue because of lack of customers on their airline, and there is a threat other flights could be cut in the future. The regular carriers (Delta and United) have lowered their fares to be below the LCC's . Now that is fine, but if we only fly these carriers our LCC's will leave the airport and prices will increase due to the lack of competition. He suggested flying all of the carriers. If you travel to Atlanta for business use different airlines each time you travel. You may lose some of your frequent flyer miles, but Richmond will keep the competition, and lower fares.

As a Realtor I want to ask all of you to consider his request so we can keep Richmond a great place for people, and corporations to move to with inexensive fares being offered from our gorgeous airport.

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