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San Diego Realtors Wanted


So, here's the scenario. You go into work, ready to tackle the day, just to find out that there is a mandatory office meeting. You exhale a long sigh, pick your enthusiasm off the floor and go into the training room and see every agent in your office clapping for no apparent reason.


The clapping finally stops after everyone tells themselves that they can "do it" and the office manager/ broker allows everyone to take a seat. He/ she then announces the first presenter, S0 & S0 from Who Cares Title Company. You annoyingly look at your watch while the title rep goes on and on about the many reasons his/ her company is the best/ #1/ highest customer service, and a ton of other qualities that suggest you should use their service. This annoys you mostly because you have a good title rep.


After the title rep comes escrow, a lender and a home inspector. All of them telling you that their competitors are o.k., but you should use them because of yak-yak-yak. Each rep annoys you more than the last since you have service providers in all fields and they actually throw business back at you. What you don't have is time to be kid-napped by your broker/ office manager so people can sell you on their services.

kid nap

After a hefty dose of "Rep-Pitch" the broker/ office manager tells you a little about the market (which you already knew), a little bit about interest rates (which you already knew), that it's Bob's 58th birthday (you did not know he was that old and think that he's in pretty good shape for that age) and that there is going to be a company pic nic on Saturday (you surely will not be going).

Did I peg your situation? Do you want another situation?

San Diego Realtors Wanted

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Bryan Knowlton

Any advice you can give to a newly licensed broker?  I am not sure what is the best route to take if I am looking in to learning the ropes, etc...

I am a full time appraiser looking to start selling homes in January.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Oct 15, 2010 04:08 AM
Jack Rowell
Jack Rowell Real Estate - San Diego, CA

Hi Bryan. That's a huge question. Give me a call when you want, 619-507-7449 so we can narrow down what you want.

Thanks for reading.


Oct 19, 2010 06:09 AM