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Just like most things in life, your Plumbing needs a little attention every now and then in order to stay in good working condition.  For this article, we shall focus on the Waste Plumbing.  The majority of Waste Plumbing is Cast Iron.  Some people may have Copper, some may have Lead, some may have Chrome, and if your property is newer you most likely have PVC.  You may have several different of these materials inside your home but where the Waste Plumbing starts exiting your house, the material can change.  Again, the majority of Sewer Lines are made of Cast Iron.  If your property is very old, it may likely have Clay Tile.  Many of the newer properties actually have PVC in the ground as well.  If you are unfortunate, your Sewer Line is made up of a volatile material called Orangeburg Tile that was installed in some homes that were built between 1948 and 1963. 

Regardless of what material your Waste Plumbing is comprised of, it needs some care.

 Sink Drain Trap by Lucky Lang Davenport Iowa Real Estate

•1.     Make sure that none of your traps go dry.  If the water evaporates out of your trap, sewer gases may enter your home which will be unpleasant at best.  Simply pour water down each and every drain in your home (don't forget the floor drains).  A large glass of water should do the trick for most traps.

•2.     For better drain line maintenance, pour gallons of very hot water down each drain to help "flush out" sludge and debris that may be starting to accumulate.

•3.     If you are starting to have slow moving drains or they are completely stopped up, try accessing your trap to clean it out manually.  Most drain cleaning chemicals are corrosive and depending on the material of your plumbing can cause long term damage.  Please read the directions carefully before using them.  If you have any doubt, call your Professional Plumber to clean them.

Floor Drain by Lucky Lang Davenport Iowa Real Estate 

•4.     If you have central air conditioning, you probably have a condensation line that is running to your floor drain.  Floor drains usually get more dirt/dust going into them than other drains.  That dirt/dust coupled with the sludge that is discharging from your condensation line will create a concoction that is guaranteed to start plugging your drain if left unattended.  If you can remove your drain cover (some are held in place with two screws around the perimeter), remove it to gain better access to the drain itself.  Start by pouring hot water in the drain.  Then try scrubbing and flushing the drain and surrounding area.  Take an old toothbrush and scrub all that you can reach (without dropping it down your drain). 

Floor Drain with Float Ball by Lucky Lang Davenport Iowa Real Estate

Some drains will have a Float Ball in them which is designed to stop backups.  You may clean it by using your toothbrush and scrubbing in an up and down motion.  This is important because if the ball gets "crusted" in place, your drain will not drain and the condensation line from your air conditioning will fill up your basement with water!  This can happen in as little as a year if not kept clean.  When the builder washes down the basement floor before you move in, a lot of that dirt remains in the drain and on that ball float.  Checking it's cleanliness and free movement will save you a big headache!

If you have any difficulties clearing your drains, please call your Professional Plumber.  With a little bit of Home Maintenance, hopefully that phone call won't be necessary.

Remember, CLEAN DRAINS.......NO PAINS!!!


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