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Home staging, let's discuss this a little.

It has been my experience that all sellers have the perfect home.  That is in their minds.

Agents may see a home that is cluttered, needs painting, needs repair, and is dated.  Sellers see their homes as being the most beautiful in the world. 

Did I forget to say, that sellers also see their homes as being underpriced. 

With these thoughts in mind, I have experienced that sellers rarely think they need Home staging .

I, on the other hand, always suggest Home staging.

Here, in Southern New Jersey, sellers still aren't doing much Home staging.  One of the reasons may be that some agents aren't too familiar with the process or psychology behing Home staging.

Homes have really been transformed by Home staging

I have seen many teriffic results.  Homes I have listed have sold quicker and at a better price because of Home staging.

I will show you some before and after photos and dining room befor it was stagedyou'll see why.Dining Room, afterBedroom, beforeBedroom, after

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