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Struggling with New Technology? Wonder if it has reach?

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Our office manager is hilareous, personable, and always smiling.  She is also very direct, which may be intimidating to some, but we LOVE her!  She's so warm and upbeat, and can add a twist of humor to any mild scolding cocktail served up at office meetings each week.

On her wish list (pretty high up there) is to have everyone on board with being as technically savvy as possible, especially when it comes to social media.  Anyone who subscribes to Netted by the Webbys can tell you that not only is there an "app for that" (meaning everything), there are now apps to manage the apps for that.  Every day I am tipped off to the myriad of app choices available to us, every one more imaginatively useful than the next!

Our manager hosts "Miraculous Mondays" each week at the office training room, where anyone interested can come and soak up a couple hours of whatever educational nugget is on the agenda for the day.  We are often taught technology-based tools, how to use them, how better to utilize them.

At our office meeting yesterday, she shared this video, readily available on YouTube.  I thought it was timely, and a bit of an awakening for some of our more technologically-resilient associates.  : )

Enjoy... and share!

Warm regards,

AngieSocial Media Revolution


PS - I should mention that this little "@" icon is the link to the video.