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Maryland Real Estate Investing Advice - TenantsTenant Thursday - Maryland Real Estate Investing Advice. A Weekly Series on handling Tenant issues when investing in Real Estate in Maryland.

You’ve found the perfect tenant: a single woman with a clear criminal background, good references and clean credit. She’s signed her one year lease. Things are looking good. You make the appointment for the initial walk through and then it happens. She brings her boyfriend. Oh yeah, and by the way he needs to move in because of some last minute change in his current living situation.

How convenient.

What are you going to do? The most important thing is to know what’s in your lease. This will dictate what you can and cannot do in this situation.

My leases specifically state that anyone who is going to live there must be specified in the lease. Any changes must have my prior written consent. Also, all adults who will be living in the home must have a criminal background check and credit check.

This applies to former spouses who move back in, college age children moving home, parents moving in with their children…everyone. I don’t mean to suggest that I wouldn’t rent to someone because of what shows up on the background check. But as a Landlord, I need to know what I’m getting into.

There are no exceptions to this policy, and it is clearly stated in my lease. Do you know what your lease says about who can live there? And do you enforce it?




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