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Services for Real Estate Pros with Virtual Florida Tours

Floridian First Realty Group has joined the family of companies using virtual tours to promote their business on the Internet.

When a realtor is willing to go the extra mile for his client as Richard Debb does he could choose to place and add on the local newspaper that lasts for a weekend or he can place his a  virtual tour on the web and his add can be seen all over the world and lasts for over a year.

The question is simple are you willing to address the clients that live in your town or are you willing to be able to reach the whole world?

You can see the tour on 2301 Collins avenue and enjoy the site where this building is situated or you can place a photo in your add in the middle of the real estate pages of your local newspaper.

The really terrible part of this is that you will be paying more for that newspaper adds that lasts a week and obtaining a lot less exposure on your listing.

For your entire internet marketing needs do not hesitate to contact Virtual Florida Tours at 305 332 8960, or visit our webpage.

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