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Owning a home is still an American dream within reach in Houston with down payment & closing cost assistance offered through the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs. This was my best take away from the Realtor Expo I attended this week.  

I’ve been dwelling on all the difficulties the housing market has been taking lately but boy did this reminder give me the boost I needed. I say reminder because I’ve known down payment & closing cost assistance all along. I probably just took it for granted during those days when times were better, i.e.  no down  payment & closing cost concessions are available in abundance; or people are able to invest in their homes with down payment & closing cost money of their own.

Own A Home

It’s a thrill to own a home for the first time and I’ve never known of anyone not dreaming of that. In a nutshell, down payment & closing cost assistance program in Houston is geared mostly towards first time homebuyers or those who have not owned a home for the last three years. Some areas qualify non-first time buyers as well. Buyers must meet income & loan application requirements & must complete an approved pre-purchase homebuyer education course prior to the loan closing. Purchases should be intended as primary residence. Not bad to finally realize your dream of owning a home in Houston. With the down payment & closing cost covered, renting can’t beat investing on a home that will be yours.

Why is the state is handing down this money? Simply because it wants to build more viable and stronger communities. Statistics show that when people own the homes in which they live, communities are more stable, schools perform better & economic opportunities increase.

Don’t wait any longer to own your home in Houston. I will guide you through the process. Visit my website and call me now for more information.






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We have a few of those programs here also and they are a great success!

Oct 27, 2010 03:56 AM