Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant

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Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and RestaurantCornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant is located in Marshall, Michigan at the corner of N Drive and 15 ½ Mile Rd, about a mile from I-69 off Exit 42. 

It is quite an interesting facility, with an interestCornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restauranting history.  It originally a farm held by the Hawkins family, established in 1836.  Asahel Hawkins who had emigrated from Vermont, began with 80 acres of government land and eventually increased his holdings to 240 acres.  After his death in 1881, his son Asahel Myron Hawkins took over the farmstead. 

He grew a variety of crops, and held several Convis township civic offices including supervisor, clerk, highway commissioner and justice of the peace.  His son Schubail Hawkins ran the farm until 1933.  In 1942 the farm was converted to Turkey production and in 1968 the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Generations of Asahel Hawkins opened a restaurant. Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant

Today, Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant still raises live turkeys, and has expanded the facility to include many other attractions.  There is a theatre, arcade, gift shop, ice cream parlor, craft store, and all kinds of rides for the kids.  During the summer Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurantmonths there are outdoor flea markets, and during the fall there are hayrides, train rides, and pumpkin picking, as well as many other activities for the kids. 

You can also walk through the barnyard at Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant, and see goats, donkeys, rabbits, cows, and of course turkeys!  I recently visited Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant on my way back from doing some work as a ReCornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurantaltor, and could not resist the temptation to stop there and walk around.  I am partial to their ice cream shop, and being that it is currently October, and today was a sunny and fairly warm day I had to indulge myself in a bowl. 

Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and RestaurantCornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant is a great location for an afternoon of fun for the family, and the restaurant's primary menu item is turkey.  You can order a turkey wrap, taco, or Rueben!  There are smoked, buttered, grilled and even a sloppy turkey sandwich on the menu!  Plus there are turkey salads and turkey steak! 

During November, around Thanksgiving, Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant is open for Thanksgiving dinner, so if you do noCornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurantt want to cook that year, but still enjoy some Turkey, join the hundreds of other people in the same area that think likewise and head on over! 

As a Realtor in the Calhoun County area, I always include Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant as a venue to visit for clients coming from out of town, because it is different, easy to find and very unique.  When I walked around there, I had lots of fun looking at all the animals.  I met a very friendly donkey, and I think he wanted me to break him out, but I am not sure.  I hope you enjoy the photos and will take time to visit the place if you are in the area.  It is really cool! 

By the way this last photo is my favorite with the five turkeys marching.  I was trying to come up with a good caption, so I would welcome any suggestions!

Cornwell's Turkeyville Farm and Restaurant

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