Changing the Culture at Your Work Place

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How can a company successfully overcome the natural skepticism to overcome the resistance and achieve better customer service, stronger employee engagement or a reputation as one of the best places to work?

Unless the broker of your company is directly involved in the change, it comes off as an initiative, and it will eventually lose steam.

Rather than making a declaration about how you want to change the culture of your business, you just need to start doing it. So you will have to provide flexibility if you want to be viewed as a flexible workplace, or get behind a mentor program to allow your personnel to grow.

To provide an even better customer service to your customers and to the other companies that partner in your service. You will need all the different partners to work together and employees offering solutions.

The bottom line for real estate is that our line of business has changed. A large percentage of our customers are facing foreclosure and they are relying on us to solve their economical situation.

You need to redefine your mission statement and core values. Based on this you need to start training your personnel on what behavior they were expected to demonstrate. The improvement on quality service must be supervised.

You will need to talk to your realtors on a daily basis to hear their feedback from the customers.  You need to recognize as frequently as possible the effort of your realtors to go the extra mile for their customers.

You will need to make emphasis on the importance of using the internet as a marketing tool, each realtor should have a website, a mobile website, use virtual tours or slideshows they should participate as frequently as possible on blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Tweeter, etc.

It takes time for organizational cultural changes to take hold. So you should launch your Journey of Excellence program as soon as possible. You may mandatory training workshops for your realtors to improve customer service, use your monthly meetings with realtors as a reminder to keep their focus on improved customer service.

If you really want to improve the quality service of your company you need to start acting like the company you want to become.


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