Cary, NC Natives…. Extinct or Endangered Species?

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We've all heard the acronyms associated with CARY… Containment Area For Relocated Yankees, Calling All Real Yankees and I am sure the list goes on.  And really who can fight it with growth rates like 49.4% between 2000 and 2010. The Town's size in 1990 was approximately 30.25 sqmi and in 2010 it is approximately 55.48 sqmi… some might dare to say this "Town" is taking over Western Wake County!!  This leaves one to ask with all the growth, where are the natives?  Do they still exist?  It is almost common practice these days that if you have lived in the area for more than 10 years you could just about "call yourself a native" because you are close enough.  Well, folks I have some refreshing news…. there are a few of us left… I am one of them, born and raised in Western Wake County.  I say Western Wake County, because technically although I claim to be from Cary where I grew up did not get annexed into Cary until after I graduated high school.  What does it mean to be a Cary Native you ask?  I experienced the first ever school reassignments in Western Wake County, I lost my southern drawl by middle school, I taught some of those northerners that y'all is one of the greatest creations in the english language and taught those same northerners that Bojangles can be the most delicious thing since sliced bread!  Although Cary natives may be a rare breed we are not extinct and in fact there are more of us around than you think, we tend to travel in packs and if you can pin down a group of us to talk to then you really get some GOOD stories!  So, what does this have to do with Real Estate?  Bottom line is…. as agents knowing as many natives in an area will help grow your business and really just help educate you on your market…. they are the link to the past and how a market has developed.  Many times, they are the land owners with the large acreage just waiting to be developed…. a lot of times they will not just live on a large track waiting to be developed but they will know who used to own the track across the street too that is now a 400 acre subdivision and all of their relatives…. they know the history, which in turn is a great marketing tool for agents showing property.  So, the next time you meet someone who says "I am from Cary," don't just brush it off and go on your merry way… use it to your advantage… they didn't go through all this "Change" for nothin!


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Letitia Stevenson
BHHS Fox & Roach | - Greenville, DE
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Lauren, Welcome to Active Rain! Active Rain is a great place to share your knowledge, expertise and thoughts, as well as network and learn so much from the vast pool of talent already onboard.

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Oct 17, 2010 01:36 PM
Lauren Hicks
Fonville Morisey - Cary, NC
Cary, NC Real Estate Specialst

Hi Letitia!  Thanks for stopping by…. I am very excited to be here :-)

Oct 17, 2010 02:31 PM
Letitia Stevenson
BHHS Fox & Roach | - Greenville, DE
Listing Agent DE/PA/MD, Digital Marketer & Coach

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Welcome Aboard and Much Success!

Oct 18, 2010 03:29 AM