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The American Double Standard - A Two Article Perspective in today's local paper

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Every now and then a couple of articles appear in the same edition of a newspaper that either really make you think, or alternatively, laugh out loud.  These articles in and of themselves usually reflect the goings on of the issues of the day, and read alone, offer some general information about something you may already be aware of.  However, when two articles, such as the ones I've referenced below, appear together, and are read one after the other, it can give one a whole new perspective regarding issues of the day, or in this case, the comical  double-standard we are constantly asked to live by today.

The first column  relates to the past and continued bungling of banks regarding lending and foreclosures. The column starts off as follows...."First we learned America's biggest banks couldn't properly lend. Then we learned they couldn't keep themselves solvent without taxpayer assistance.  Then we learned they couldn't effectively work with troubled borrowers in a bursting housing bubble. And now we've learned they don't even know how to foreclose." 

The second column is about the ethical dilemma of strategic defaults, whereby homeowners are just handing the keys back to the back and walking away.

Reading both entries reminds me of a saying Lou Holtz uses at almost all of his motivational appearances when says; "You take two people, one you admire and one you have a problem with and you ask these three questions about both of them and you'll know why you admire one and have a problem with the other one.

1. Can I trust them 2. Are they committed to excellence 3. Do they care about me

I'll let you all derive your own opinions regarding the heroes and villains here but it's quite clear there seems to exist two sets of rules for different classes of people.  Strange times indeed.

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