What is the 2009 "Senior Freeze" and was the Deadline Extended?

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The deadline for filing 2009 Senior Freeze (Property Tax Reimbursement) applications has been extended to November 1, 2010 (The preceding deadline was August 2, 2010)

The State Budget permits applicants who received a reimbursement last year to get a check in 2010, provided their income was $70,000 or less and they meet all other eligibility requirements. However, the budget limits reimbursement payments to the amount the applicants received last year.

The budget also provides that new applicants are not eligible to receive a check in 2010. So seniors and disabled residents who didn't get a check last year should similarly not expect to get one this year. However, everyone who meets the age and income requirements is encouraged to file an application. It will establish the "base year" for property tax calculations. If reimbursements are fully funded in future budgets, filing could bring an applicant a higher payment.

Residents should not confuse the Senior Freeze with the Homestead Rebate Program. They are two distinct property tax relief programs with different eligibility requirements and separate applications. Filing for the Senior Freeze is going on right now, but filing for benefits under the Homestead Rebate Program will not begin until later in the year.

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