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How to Analyze Your Website Visually with Google In-Page Analytics

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Every website that wants to better understand its visitors and how to convert them uses some sort of analytics program. In our case its Google Analytics.

Once logged in (requires GMAIL Account - Free) you see your "Dashboard" that allows you to select the URL of choice (you can add as many as you like). You can then access "Main" navigational links with "Sub" links.  Main links include: Intelligence, Visitors, Traffic Sources, Content and Goals.

Google Analytics

Each main link has its assigned "Sub" links that show various statistical data and perform certain functions.  For example by clicking on "Traffic Source" you would see various "Sub" links ranging from Overview, Direct Traffic, Referring Sites, Search Engines and several others.  The information is neatly displayed in graphs and charts each with specific data sets and tools to help you better manage and optimize said data (function).

Just recently Google updated the way you can analyze your data.  What used to be charts and graphs is now presented visually.  Until you actually see the data versus reading the data you can't truly appreciate how better to design your layout, position call to action buttons/lead forms and other key items.

Website owners usually assess these data sets with the intention of hopefully increasing their conversion rate and ROI (return on investment).  What better way to determine design and development strategies than seeing it ... literally.  Although still in "Beta" it definitely will be a value add for webmasters. Thanks Google!

Comments (4)

Gabe Sanders
Real Estate of Florida specializing in Martin County Residential Homes, Condos and Land Sales - Stuart, FL
Stuart Florida Real Estate

I'm going to look into this James.  Sounds interesting.  Thanks for the heads up.

Oct 19, 2010 12:22 AM
Virginia Cheezum
F. C. Tucker Company - Indianapolis, IN

This is such a learning curve for me, so I appreciate the guidance and the help.  I've bookmarked you, thanks! 

Oct 19, 2010 12:47 AM
Jason Channell
Diadem Property Inspections - Serving Southeast Michigan - Troy, MI
The House Sleuth

Thanks for the information, and the video. I am checking this out further.

Oct 19, 2010 03:50 PM
Wallace S. Gibson, CPM
Gibson Management Group, Ltd. - Charlottesville, VA

Thank you for allowing a re-blog on this....I am getting into this stuff and hope to learn more at Charlotte RainCamp next week.  I'm with Virginia on this - thank you for helping with the learning curve!

Oct 19, 2010 11:18 PM