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Cornerstone just opened up a new office in Preston ID, so I've done a little bit of research about real estate in Preston Idaho. In general, the Preston market pretty much just follows the same trends as the Logan Real Estate market, however it seems to be a little behind, and home prices are significantly cheaper than they are on the Utah Side of Cache Valley.

Here are a few statistics about Preston ID Real Estate:

Preston Currently has 110 active residential home listings. In the last year, there were just 78 homes that sold. This gives Franklin County Idaho Real Estate almost 17 months of active inventory which is a little bit higher than the current active inventory in Cache Valley Utah. The best ever year for home sales on record in Preston was 2007 when 112 homes sold. Even if times returned to the glorious housing boom, that's still a years worth of active inventory.

Annual Home Sales numbers for Preston ID

The homes that are listed for sale have price tags substantially higher than those that have ever sold. The current median list price is $175,000. The median sold price over the last year was just $137,000. The highest the annual median sales price has ever been was just $147,000, and that was in 2009.

Essentially, thhis means that unless some new market force comes that makes Preston a more desirable location to live, home prices will be dropping for Franklin Idaho Real Estate.

Here are some good resources if you're interested in viewing Preston ID Homes for Sale, or Preston Idaho Land.



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