Social Media and Real Estate, or 52 Channels and nothing on.

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If, as they say, there is nothing new under the sun, how is it we find so much to twitter about?

While I embrace and try to make the most of Web 2.0 and all it has to offer, I'm also aware that the best way to form a relationship is to do so in person.  In many ways, I'd rather have coffee or a one-on-one meeting than spend the same time broadcasting to hundreds of people who don't really know me.  Conversely, I find that the tweets, blogs, and Facebook updates of people I know and care for are that much more meaningful to me than those of people I have little in common with. 

I'm in the business of marketing properties, and have to be very careful that I spend time, money, and energy on those strategies which are most likely to bring results for my clients.  Today, social media is very pervasive, and marketing in this way is seen as a very savvy way of doing business.  Part of my business approach is to make use of modern tools while offering old fashioned service.  It's important to remember the audience when marketing a property, and not get caught up in using the latest gadgets and gizmos simply because they are there.  That's where the old fashioned service comes in.  I believe I strike a good balance by incorporating the best of the modern world into proven strategies which work.  You'll find that my listings include floorplans, virtual tours, high quality photography, accurate information, and marketing geared towards the most likely audience to purchase.  I work with an interior designer who consults for staging.  I also advertise and market in arenas which are proven to work, leveraging marketing dollars for maximum return. 

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Michael Emerson
Keller Williams Realty - San Juan Capistrano, CA

Balance is the perfect word that you use. New social media and old school marketing / services are a great combination.

Oct 19, 2010 01:27 PM