Lenox Park, Urban Oasis-Sunday Morning

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My wife and I awoke early Sunday morning.  The air was cool but the sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly.  It was one of those glorious days in the Atlanta fall, when the humidity was very low and the sky clear blue with no clouds in sight.  We decided to get dressed and drive to a local patisserie on Peachtree Street, near Lenox Mall, and have fresh pastries and cappuccinos, sitting outside watching one the best shows in Atlanta.

On the way back, a former client phoned and asked me about homes available inside Lenox Park, and if any of them would price in the range that would work for her son and his wife.  They have looked at homes intown for a while and believed that homes in Midtown and Buckhead would cost $500k or more, but they wanted a home for around $350k.  I knew there were lots of choices in the area for the price they wanted, but I purposely looked at what was available inside Lenox Park.  I was shocked to see a fantastic home available for $375k.  It was a beautiful home, that had some recent upgrades, and best of all, it was NOT a short sale and could be closed rather quickly.  I live inside Lenox Park and watch listings frequently, and was stunned to see this home available right now.  There are a couple of other homes for sale on the same block for $500k, so I sent the info off to my former Client and suggested we all link up quickly.  

Three years ago the $375k home would have easily sold for $500k+, so someone's misfortune is a economic opportunity for a young professional couple, and with that home off the market, the other two should get quick offers at a much higher price.

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