OK, I lead generated for an hour... Can I stop now?

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The secret to a long career in real estate is lead generation!!  You must have homes to sell or buyers to show in order to keep the commissions coming in.  I like to ask - "Is what I'm doing right now going to get me face to face with a buyer or seller at some point"? If the answer is no- I'm probably not focusing my time in the right direction.

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Ohhhh, the amount of times I have heard this.  Lead Generation.  Lead Generation for a specific amount of time...   One hour?  Two hours?  Three or more?  What is the correct time that should be allotted?

We all know that we need to lead generate but it seems that many agents have the preconceived notion that we only need to spend a certain amount of time doing it daily.

We doorknock, but give ourselves a certain amount of time to do it, before we stop for the day.

We call our sphere of influence to check in, till we call the amount that we feel required to do so, or as many as our teachers tell us to...

We cold call a random list of names, to reach a number of contacts on a daily basis...  Not really thinking about the actual leads that you are trying to get.

We spend an hour on Facebook clicking "like" and commenting on other's posts...  Then stop when we reach that 60 minute stopping point.

We DO lead generate, but we miss one important point...

That is,  to LEAD GENERATE until you achieve the DESIRED result.  What that means we lead generate but fail to realize what we are lead generating for.  We think that if we commit a certain amount of time to it, that it is enough for that day.

We need to focus on what we are lead generating for...  For example, set yourselves a goal of one lead during your "lead generation" time.  Then keep doing that particular activity until you actually get that lead.   So that means, if you have not generated a lead in the hour, you have to continue doing it until you reach your goal.  So whether you doorknock, cold call, networking...  Do it to get leads, daily!

Have you been lead generating to mark it off for the day?  So you can say "I did that today" in your mind?  Or have you been lead generating till you get your desired results?

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