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With many lenders tightening guidelines and the pool of possible buyers shrinking, consider utilizing the City Mortgage Program to cover closing costs and/or down payment.  This program is helping many buyers become homeowners today by offering a 4% gift for down payment and/or closing costs, as well as a very low fixed rate mortgage with the option to put $0 down.

What is a City Mortgage Program? The City of Chicago has enforced a program that gives borrowers a huge step up by giving low income as well as middle income Chicago home buyers a 30-year mortgage at a fixed-rate and at bargain interest rates with up-front grants to help pay for the house's down payment and its closing costs, all of these amounting to 4%. Along with this 4% gift from the City of Chicago, there are other benefits to be had from this City Mortgage Program. They have included such perks like a very low fixed-rate mortgage for the 30 year period previously stated and the option of 100% financing.

Chicagoans have to meet pre-required income brackets as well as the purchase price limits for their Chicago home choice to be able to qualify for this program. They do not need to be first-time home owners if they are buying in a "targeted area." These areas are neighborhoods where the city is trying to boost home ownership in or increase the number of people who own their own Chicago homes.

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Andrew Clemente
United American Mortgage Corporation - Anaheim Hills, CA
I haven't worked with the City of Chicago Programs in sometime, but I do remember some great programs were offered.  I researched and had The City of Chicagos programs approved with WaMu. Goodluck with the programs!  
Sep 02, 2007 04:48 PM