Plans for Delaware River Waterfront

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The newest proposals for the vacant areas alongside the Delaware River were presented last week.  The plan consists of a waterfront that would mostly contain mid-rise apartments and rowhouses. They expect this proposed housing to take 30-50 years to fill in the vacant land and they hope for the waterfront to eventually evolve into streets resembling Center City with a mix of uses and variety amongst buildings.

The planners are telling the city it should invest in some "high-impact" infrastructure projects in order to stimulate other private development projects. One such major project would be a landscaped deck sloping from Front Street down to the river between Walnut and Chestnut Streets.  Another is a 5,000 seat open air venue.  They are trying to persuade the city to ban entertainment from Penn's Landing and Festival Pier in order to make their new sites more marketable.

Also in the plans are 10 parks at half-mile intervals along the river, each the size of Rittenhouse Square.  The parks would eventually be linked together by a recreation trail along the edge of the river and a bike path on Delaware Ave.

For all of this to be possible it is essential for the city to be able to creatively raise money to jump-start these targeted improvements. Good Luck Philly!

Check out the article by Inga Saffron from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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