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So, after almost 4 years in management I am back to real estate sales.  I am now with the team Your Pinehurst Home. 

Many times while training agents over the last 4 years I would get the urge to sell again.  So many new avenues with technology and social media that are very exciting. 

But now for reality.  Jumping back in a buyer's market when I left a seller's market along with the many new advances in technology is a true learning curve, blogging being one of those differences.  I will be reading many of your posts and I do hope that you will do the same with my blog.  This blog will follow real estate as the Your Pinehurst Home group and if you would like to learn about living in our area please feel free to check out our other blog at .  The formats for each will be very different.

Any advice you would like to give would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you and watch for Your Pinehurst Home updates!

Terry Rainer



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