My cousin's surprise party brought me to Philly, my home town.

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When my cousin's wife, Fran called to tell me that she was giving her hubby a surprise party, my response was "yes, I'll be there".

So last week, my friend and I flew from Hollywood, Florida to Philadelphia, my home town. Well, I was born there, and lived on Old York Road, my grandparents were there, but I really don't remember much about it. So, it was an adventure for me.

 We managed to wend our way through the traffic in the city, and past the exit for the Philadelphia Zoo (which was a client of ours for several years). The city seemed familiar, when we passed the art museum, as I remember my grandmother lived across the street from there at 2601 Parkway. My Aunt lives nearby there now. We were a little confused about directions as we drove toward Elkins Park.

  Later that day, my cousin took us for a ride and passed the home where I was born, and my grandmother's house just a few blocks away. As I child, I remember our houses appearing like huge palaces with hundreds of rooms. They seemed small now, and burned out and not cared for. My Mom used to polish the wooden floors in our home until they shone like a mirror. Now, the windows were shattered, and the home looked sad to me.

  I wondered why the new owners didn't at least try to clean it up, board a window. I'm glad my Mom didn't live to see her precious home in its current shape.

   Then we went to my cousin's home in Elkins Park. It is really lovely with a huge well-kept garden of about an acre, and my favorite part, a serenity pool with a small waterfall. I was delighted to see my "spot", as I'd sat there on the day they were married with my "cousin-in-law" Franny and we talked about all the preparations for the wedding that day and they were married right there in that gorgeous setting in a bright sunny day.

    Now, the home is on the market, and it has been for a while. They need a smaller place, one easier to maintain. And, this home is really big. We stayed upstairs on the third floor and there is a big bedroom and bath up there that feels like you're in a cottage all to yourself in the woods.

    That home is so much more than its stone walls, and spacious kitchen because as I walked through there, I remembered so many stories of good times and sad ones. If the walls could talk they'd probably rejoice about two people finding each other later in life and falling so much in love.

   I wonder if the people viewing that home today can feel the magic in that home.

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Susie Roscoe
Signature Realty Associates - Brandon, FL
Real Estate Specialist | Brandon, FL

What a beautiful story Lois!! 

I recently spent a week in Virginia where I spent many summer days on vacation(s) growing up as a kid.  I LOVED IT THERE!!  We had aunts, uncles, cousins, and could walk to the local store.  People waved as they drove past you...and best of all we had BASEMENTS to play in where we could make all the noise we wanted and the adults upstairs didn't care!  I loved it!  While visiting, I had to drive past my Aunt and Uncle's house they sold within the last 5 years to see if it still looked the same to me---IT WAS SO SMALL!!  I remember that house being HUGE!!  Funny how your perspective changes over the years. 

Anyhow, there are still friendly people there, it's less than a mile to the post office, My Aunt wrote a check for dinner at the local diner when we had dinner and traffic was slow and infrequent compared to where I've l've lived all my adult life. took me back in time and I loved it! 

I'm taking my husband and children there next summer for vacation---I'll be the BIGGEST KID OF ALL!!! 

Sep 03, 2007 04:37 AM