List Your Home In MLS & for only $500, Sell For As Low As 2%

Real Estate Broker/Owner with - Realtors - A Full Service Discount Real Estate Broker.

We Will List Your Home In MLS & for only $500 and Sell Your Home For As Low As 2%! Includes Full Service. Does anyone pay more to sale their home aymore?

Anyone who pays more than 4% to a real estate broker to sale their home is subsidizing last century's business model. There are many real estate brokers like that were formed in this century using today's technology and are passing huge savings to home sellers.

A home seller can find many full service real estate brokers offering commission as low as 2% depending on the sale price i.e. a $2 Million home owner should not pay the same % as a $200 thousand home owner. The effort to sale both homes is almost identical other than some smoke and mirror activity by the $2 million agent to convince the seller to pay more commission. has agents covering most markets in Ohio and plans to expand to surrounding states soon.

Larry A. Whited, Sr., Broker/Founder


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