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We  have had really decent activity with Buyer's writing offers the past two weeks. I think the message is out,that an opportunity exists at beautiful Incline Village at Lake Tahoe ,  for Buyer's to  get into a premium  market in which pricing is not on a strong  uptick. So Buyer's are writing offers ,but  the majority of these  are not coming together...why is this?We see a gap in Buyer's expectations and Seller's expectations.Seller's want their price ,and the Buyer's  want a deal.


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Jim Wire

Hi Kerry,

I'm finding that the homes that are sitting on the market are overpriced to begin with.  It doesn't seem that the sellers have been counseled correctly.  They don't seem to be prepared for the low ball offer and the possibility that their home may sell for less than what they are expecting.  I try to prepare my sellers for the low ball offer and that this may be the best offer.  It's a fine balancing act.  Bottom line, this is a market for motivated sellers and not fishers.  I feel your frustration!

Sep 03, 2007 05:42 AM
Kerry Donovan
Chase - Incline Village, NV
Your right Jim.....agent's are in  that counseling  mix too.We have been rejected on two offers in past week written over 90% to start with.....
Sep 03, 2007 06:35 AM