Real Estate Offices Are Tombstone Monuments To The Past

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Large beautiful real estate offices are tombstone monuments to last century's business model. They are unnecessary overhead that do not add value to the sale process.

Most agents found sitting in an office are the 80% group which sells less than 6 homes a year. The top producers (who make 80% of the sales) will rarely be found sitting in an office. They are out in the field where the buyers and sellers are.

With cell phones, laptops and wireless internet our office is where ever we are at any point and place in time. We do not believe the consumers will continue to subsidize the old real estate business model.

We founded Realtors in 2003 as the first virtual real estate brokerage. All of our agents work from their home office and laptop computers when in the field. We pass huge savings to the consumer.

Larry A. Whited, Sr., Broker/Founder

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