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Deercreek Country Club Property Manager Jacksonville FL

Deercreek Country Club Property ManagerThe home next door to me is owned by a Naval Officer that is now stationed in the Washington D.C. area. He has had it rented for the past 4 or 5 years. Several years ago I noticed that his property was not being taken care of properly by the property manager at the time. It also had a sign out front and the home still sat empty for months. I am a commercial real estate broker/property manager, so I couldn't resist the temptation to call him and offer him a better deal.

So I called him and said, "Captain John, I don't think your house next door to me is receiving the best treatment and rental return that it could. Why don't you let me be your property manager and leasing agent. I have a vested interest in seeing that your house gets the best treatment and does not go down hill because I live next door." 

Deercreek Country Club is a gated golf course community on Jacksonville's south side.  The previous Deercreek Country Club property manager placed a small sign, approved by the HOA, at the curb for months. Never mind that it was on a dead end street in a gated community with not much traffic. The sign was useless.  Instead I have not Placed a sign both times that I have it for lease and yet have kept the 3,750 square foot home leased 29 out of the last 30 months and have been able to increase the monthly rent.

Before I took over as Property Manager for this Deercreeck Country Club home, the back yard had large areas of dead grass, the sprinklers were hidden by overgrown shrubs, one irrigation zone did not work at all.

When I toured the inside, I found more than 15 electrical wall plates missing. I found a broken chandelier. When I called the owner and told him he said that the previous Deercreek Country Club property manager said that it just fell  from the ceiling. "Sure it did", I thought. The previous Deercreek Country Club Property Manager did not take care to protect the owners asset. He just collected the rent and paid the owner the net after taking his fee.

My mission as a property manager, whether as a residential property manager or commercial property manager is give the property owner the best value. That is I give the best service for the most reasonable fee. 

Don't let your property be managed by a manager who really doesn't take the time nor care about your property. We take personal pride in the care we give your property.

For more information on our property management services please contact me at the numbers below. 

We also pay referral fees
and offer a discount to the owner for the initial lease management term.

Deercreek Country Club Property Manager

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