Negative, negative, negative - Please make it stop!

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As I was watching one of the cooking shows where chefs compete against each other, I couldn't help but think about all the negative tone that is in the air these days whether it's on TV, or in the newspaper or magazines that we read, and even in the conversations we have with each other.  I have literally seen where the local newspaper will write an article one day about the housing market has slowed and prices are dropping, only to see the very next day that prices are going up and sales are up.  No wonder our emotions can be all over the place!

I know, you probably think I watch lots of TV, but I don't.  I am particular in selecting my TV shows.  I love to laugh!  Or, I love to watch something that makes me reflect or just feel good.  However, it was while I was watching this particular show as the judges were critizing the contestants while they were building their elaborate sugar piece.  I was impressed with what these contestants were doing as I know there is no way I could even build an igloo out of sugar cubes, much less build a showpiece out of blown and pulled sugar!  The judges had very few good things to say and then when the contestants had to stand in front of the judges, the judges had one maybe two things to say that were positive, but then went down the list of negative things to say about their showpieces.  It was then that I thought "why am I watching this?" I truly didn't enjoy seeing these people be harsly criticized (that's why I don't watch American Idol).

I know, you're going to tell me that that is how these shows are, and if I don't like it, don't watch it, and you would be correct.  However, with the economy they way it is, and the negative stuff that is thrown in our face every day, I believe we need to focus on the good things that are going on.  I tend to believe that there are many more great things happening, than bad.  I have heard from so many people who have had crisis in their lives over the last couple of years and they truly have a new perspective in life.  Some have said that the crises was the best thing to happen to them.  Why?  Because they are living their lives very differently, their priorities have changed, and have learned to appreciate everything in their lives.  So yes, I agree, that everything happens for a reason.  And those that can find the good out of a bad situation are truly amazing.  I too have had a rough couple of years, and I'm such a different person and have grown so much.  My priorities have changed.  I appreciate and spend more time with my family and friends.  I am truly blessed with amazing people in my life.

So what's my point?  Carefully select what you hear, read or watch.  Appreciate and enjoy the family and friends that you have been so blessed with.  Even if things are not going well for you right now, look for things to be thankful for.  Maybe it's the fact that you have a bed to climb into every night, or that you have your health.  How about that job? 

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Lisa, I agree that itwould be ice if everyone was a bit more positive.  I will say that I tend to tune out the negative people in person or on shows....I am all for someone who disagrees but they can do it in a respectful manner...and that is what many in our world may be in the danger of losing... the ability to be respectful and tactful.  I do believe there is time to right the ship and it takes people like you to remind us of how to act.


Oct 25, 2010 05:15 AM