I have renewed my License... I am back in business.....

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I can hear the engines spooling up as I type this......

I got my 14 hours of CE done LAST YEAR, but I was
totally unprepared for the $85.00 filing fee.

From the Flight Line (640x360) from bladerunner71 on Vimeo.

I finally had the money for it.......



I am so excited about the renewal of my license!!!

I wanted to be an F-14 pilot when I applied to the Navy when
I was 19, but this u-tube video got me going......

If you want to see this video and I recommend you do watch it

click on the link for bladerunners video and put it to full screen!!

Onwards and upwards!!!

Chicagoland RE here I COME !!!

WOOHOO !!!!!


Posted by

Alexander Harb -- PSEM®, E-Agent®

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Comments (4)

Alexander Harb
Knights Investing - Mesquite, TX
Dallas, Texas Real Estate Investing

I am so excited about what God is going to do!!!!!



Oct 26, 2010 01:47 AM
xxxx xxxx
xxxx - Alexandria, PA

Off you go into the wild blue yonder...

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord'  Jeremiah 17:7

May God bless you !


Oct 27, 2010 12:37 AM
Alexander Harb
Knights Investing - Mesquite, TX
Dallas, Texas Real Estate Investing

Thanks, Phil.......



Nov 05, 2010 01:52 PM
Bob & Bonnie Horning
Mount Joy, PA

Congratulations Alex!! My dad was a flyboy in WW2.

Dec 10, 2010 09:33 AM