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Oil Spill Revisted

Real Estate Agent with Golf and Water Real Estate Agency

Thought I would re-visit the BP Oil Claim process.

After writing my first article, I received several comments from realtor's who questioned the validity of the claims process, and even questioned whether or not any claims would be paid, if you were not located within a very few miles of the spill.

I am located in Cape Coral, Florida in southwest Lee County. All of you know that it is several hundred miles from the spill. Most Realtors in my area would say that the momentum of the buyers stopped the day the spill was reported. The buyers focused changed to the spill, as did our focus. The buyers momentum returned the day the well was capped. However, they buyers momentum is not what it was back in April. They are more cautious and slower at making a decision.

I realize that realtors are proud problem solving people. They don't live with their hand out, and would normally deny any offers of help.

BP realizes that this Oil Spill caused damage and losses in untold ways. It is obvious to me that they are dedicated to making things right (I don't own any stock). The two claims adjusters I spoke with, encouraged me to have every Realtor I know, submit a claim for potential loss. BP has come up with a calculation formula, that evaluates some historical data, that you provide, and determines if you suffered a loss during this time period.

The entire claims process was smooth and consumer friendly. You should go to: https://www.gulfreclaims.com/?state=FL, check out the site and decide for yourself. It might take 30 minutes of your time (depends on your storing of documents).