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Not a problem with The Johnson Real Estate Group, however, I am continually amazed at the condition in which some sellers allow their homes to be shown! This is your largest asset and yet you leave dirty dishes out, don't mop the floors/vaccume, or even bother to pick up your clothes or do the laundry before a potential buyer makes their appearence. In order to get top dollar in today's market, or any market for that matter... do the basics... PLEASE!


  1. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance.
  2. Uncover as much floor space, wall space and surface space as possible without ruining the ambiance of the room.
  3. Nothing should be placed on any surface that was not meant to have something placed on it.
  4. All traffic paths must be 100% open and free of furniture or other items.
  5. Every room must have 100% room definition.
  6. All rooms should be depersonalized by putting away family photos, mementos and distinctive items.
  7. All rooms/areas should be de-cluttered
  8. Wall colors should be neutral.
  9. Correct damaged or broken items.
  10. No more than 3-4 items on any surface.
  11. No slip covers on chairs, toilet seats, furniture, etc.
  12. Fresh flowers in kitchen and/or bath.
  13. If you don't use an item every day put it away (kitchen and bathrooms).
  14. Master bedroom closet must be neat and organized.  The other closets are not as important.
  15. Windows, blinds, curtains and light fixtures must be clean and dust free.
  16. Open window treatments at least 75%.
  17. No burnt out bulbs or beeping detectors.
  18. Front door should be cleaned or painted.
  19. Animals that smell or are aggressive/annoying should be removed for showings.
  20. All offensive human made odors should be discontinued and mitigated (tobacco, cooking).
  21. Home should smell fresh and clean, not of air fresheners covering up something.
  22. Trees, shrubs, hedges should be trimmed and not block windows.
  23. Good lawn care and snow removal are necessary.

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Gladys Webb
Kreative Realty LLC - Tuscaloosa, AL

Matthew, I agree most of the time they are bank owned homes and they just let property go to hell....I don't even like showing them when they are bad like you list and they are like your list.  People, Banks etc...really need to consider this in moving the home it has a lot to do with those DOM!

Oct 26, 2010 04:22 AM