Second article on Introduction to Feng Shui

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Second article on Feng Shui By Ron Accornero

As the amount of Asian buyers increased it caused developers and builders to take notice and look for ways to capture the Asian market.  They started to incorporate Feng Shui amenities into their building plans to satisfy Asian and Caucasian buyers.  Builders have come to realize that Feng Shui is not mystical.  It is common sense and sound design.  Many of its principles make good sense to anyone.

 Negative Feng Shui Situations

 •·                          A corner or pie shaped lot is unprotected and exposed to the outer forces of traffic, noise, privacy and the lot is unbalanced.

•·                          Never buy a house below grade which could subject you to flooding

•·                          Never buy a house with sleeping quarters over a garage because the toxins from the cars could be poisonous.

•·                          Pback porchoor plumbing could send toxins and offensive odors through the home.

•·                          Exposed beams in the master bedroom can impose downward negative energy and create a problem in the marriage

•·                          A bathroom in the center of the house will cause negative energies to spread throughout the home.

•·                          Slanted ceiling in the master bedroom may induce bizarre dreams or restlessness

•·                          Dead plants in the home or near the entrance are a bad omen.



Feng Shui is now coming to advanced educational institutions.  Several colleges are now giving courses on feng shui.  It is based on a complete and complicated set of theories and calculations derived from the I-Ching. Without guidance from a master, Feng Shui is difficult to understand and self study is complicated.

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