Thing broader...think "commercial" real estate referrals!

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Redmond Town Center retail

Today I made a commercial real estate referral to an agent in Bethlehem, PA from Bellevue, WA.  My home listing client mentioned he had a property there he wanted to sell.  I asked him if he would allow me to source the agent for him, and make an outgoing referral.  He said sure, so I went on that features commercial real estate, found Bethlehem, PA, and browsed the listings for similar property type and agent dominance in that market. 

I emailed three agents from the contact forms on each listing, and was contacted shortly thereafter by one very sharp agent (only one of three called me back quickly).  I had 20 years in commercial, so qualified him quickly, sent him a referral agreement and suggested he go look at the property. The next day our agreement was done, an evaluation was initiated and my client here is now working with a professional that is more than well qualified to handle his business.  That was easy! 

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