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i went to the 3 day "Rich Dad Education' seminar this weekend, and after reading multiple blogs on Active Rain regarding the 'pitch,' I feel compelled to offer my own thoughts on my experience:Rich Dad Education

#1. The staged and systematic marketing for the variety of 'advanced trainings' offered through the 'Rich Dad Education' seminars is astounding (Robert Kiyosaki has licensed his brand to Tigrent Learning, which used to operate as the Whitney Intelligence Program). They lure you in with a two-hour free seminar about wealth building that is basically a platform to pitch a 3-day weekend seminar geared towards teaching you advanced techniques for acquiring real estate by leveraging OPM, or 'other peoples money.' The charge to attend the 3-day seminar is $199, but you can bring a guest. My friend and I decided that $100 was a minimal investment, just to check it out. The 3 day seminar is moderated by a highly skilled and knowledgeable pitch man who has also had success as an investor. This moderator then gives you just enough information about advanced strategies to develop intrigue and then uses take away, urgency, guilt, and tangible facts to up-sell the advanced trainings that range in price from 9,900 to $100,000.

#2. Look... I work in real estate, have attended numerous seminars and am all too familiar with aggressive sales tactics, so I knew what i was getting into before I went to this seminar. i also happen to believe that, despite these seemingly unscrupulous approaches to getting people to part with their money, there is a lot of value in the right education program. There have been numerous complaints filed against the 'Rich Dad Education' program, which is understandable. I can see how someone who knows nothing about real estate and is desperate to escape the rat race could easily get caught up and commit to something they are not fully prepared to follow through on. That said, for those who are truly committed to building wealth and paying for the education needed to accelerate their success, I think that the program probably has a lot of merits. The bottom line is that real estate is one of the single best vehicles for building wealth, but it's not for the faint of heart. You must always fortify your skill sets and seek out education if you want to win the game in the long haul. You also can't expect to have success handed to you and must know that anything worth having takes hard work and application. This program is no exception.

#3. All in all, for my $100 bucks, I received a lot of motivation and some great real world examples of the power and potential of real estate. I see it for what it is, and may actually invest in some of the training courses at another time. If you decide to go to this or any other sales pitch for building wealth through real estate, remember to consider the source: these people are in the business of selling knowledge and they are experts at the pitch. For sales people, it's a great training in the power of persuasion and master sales techniques if nothing else. For everyone else, it's a decent exposure to the potential of real estate as long as you understand that it's not going to come over night, and that the result will be commiserate with the effort you put in to it. Remember: preparation + opportunity= success!

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    Anybody interested in attending a free seminar? Well I found out about this one a couple of days ago so I decided to write a blog about it. Many of us know about Richard Kiyosaki -author of "Rich Dad,Poor Dad"book. Well their will be a seminar in Washington DC on January 11th-14th. Of course he won't be there even though it will be nice if he would come. I might attend this seminar myself.

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Jark Krysinski *PREC (Personal Real Estate Corporation)

Bree, thanks for the commentary on the Rich Dad higher learning classes upsold during their intro seminars.  I have heard from a number of clients and agents that these tactics are giving his book a bar reputation despite the useful content of the books.  I DO however think that people need a kick in the butt to more formally educate themselves on how to change their thinking around investments and real estate and, let's face it, getting a mortgage is using other people's money in one sense of the term.  Over all, I all ears to see what unfolds among the people, be it support or backlash.  Thanks for the post, Jark

Oct 28, 2010 11:20 AM
Bree Long
Keller Williams Realty - Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the great feedback, Jark. Everything is just a matter of perception, isn't it? The point made in the seminar that I appreceiated most was that of breaking people from their impoverished thinking and establishing a new finanacial philosophy that disallows it's followers from relying upon the system to provide security. The days of receiving the gold watch at the end of a career from a corporate culture that cares for its employees is long gone...we must have a better plan for ourselves.

Oct 30, 2010 01:45 PM